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We offer a range of methods to suit everyone, our consultation process is very thorough so we can perfectly tailor to your hair type, thickness and lifestyle – prices vary as this is a completely bespoke service.

The methods we offer are:

  • Mini tips, mini locks or tiny tips
  • Ultra tips exclusive to Remi Cachet
  • Flat tips – pre bonded, glue bonds
  • Wefts – Hollywood and invisiweave
  • Tapes – injection and mini
  • Nano rings

Lengths 12” 14” 16” 20” 22” 24” 26”

Hair Loss Solutions

  • Mesh integration system
  • Master parting
  • Wig making

Mini Tips – Mini Locks – Tiny Tips

Our most popular method as it’s so versatile and suits most hair types. Completely re-useable individual method, making this a very cost effective type.

A small shoe lace tip type top, fitted with a small copper ring, these rings are nearly the smallest on the market apart from Nano rings. No heat or glue is used in this fitting type.

Refits on this method are recommended every 12 weeks.

Costs for this will be outlined to you on your consultation.

Ultra Tips/Locks

Another small individual ring application method. This has a small paper thin tip shaped like a nipple that is attached with a small oval ring. These are totally flat to the heat when fitted and have great colour choice benefits for blending perfectly. These are also completely re useable with the added benefit of never needing to be re tipped.

These are suitable for medium and thick hair types. No heat or glue is used in this fitting type.

Refits on this method are recommended every 12 weeks.

Costs for this will be outlined to you on your consultation.

Flat Tips, Pre-bonded, Glue Bonds

The oldest method, but still an amazing method very versatile as custom bond sizes can be made during application to cater for all hair types and densities.

A heat tool is used to soften the keratin tip to be moulded into a small bond that will resemble a grain of rice.

These are very comfy and hide amazingly well in your natural hair making them nearly undetected especially when being tied up.

This method can be removed and sent to our tipping lady to be refitted. This usually takes around 1 week. However most clients find they prefer new hair each time with this method.

We recommend these can be worn from 3-6 months. 


Fast becoming a very popular method, suitable for all hair types we offer our volume weft for very fine hair being just one row.

A weft sits much more natural without separating like individuals can. We can also build more thickness than with individual methods.

Our wefts are fitted using 2 different methods a Hollywood weave which is Remi cachet’s method of fitting and the amazing invisweave – the invisiweave is not suitable for fine hair types.

Both methods use a track of small silicone lined rings – we use ones that are a lot smaller than the standard micro rings you find. The wefts hair is then placed onto the ring track and sewn in places using a special stitch to secure it into Place.

This is another completely re useable method also making it cost effective.

We recommend refitting every 10-12 weeks depending on hair growth – some clients like to come more regularly at around 8 weeks. This is personal choice. Volume wefts and finer hair we recommend a 6-8 weeks refit.


Tapes are a small strip of hair approx 2” long with a PU strip and what looks like sticky back tape. Manufactured to be used in hair.

These also come in injection tape where the tape looks like it’s growing out the top of the tab rather than a strip at the top.

Tapes are a great filler extension for short term use. We don’t like to offer this method for long term extensions wearers. Very flat and comfortable to wear.

Great for prom hair. Can be worn for 6 weeks before needing re-taping and refitted. This needs to be done on 2 separate appointments.

Nano Rings

Nano rings are a new method to the salon, suitable for all hair types, the are a small shoe lace type bond with a small metal wire that fits into a tiny nano ring and applied in the same way as our mini tips and ultra locks. Great for tying the hair up being very discreet in the hair. Very comfortable to wear. Maintenance re recommend refitting every 12 weeks.

Hair loss - Mesh Intergration System

This system is great for hair loss sufferers and anyone suffering from Trichotillomania (hair pulling)

Hair is pulled through a mesh cap, which is then used as a base to attach a topper giving the look of a natural parting, and additional wefts that are sewn onto the cap.

This is refitted every 10-12 weeks depending on the type of hair loss or condition. We always recommend seeking advice from a trichologist before venturing into these systems.

Hair loss – master parting

This is a great system and can be used as a clip in or as a more permanent hair system, great for ladies with thinning on top. This is a topper type hair piece giving a fuller and natural parting. While adding volume to the hair. Clips can be used to attach so the client can use daily and removed for bedtime, or just worn when the client wants.

Or we can fit these with rings around the head attached to the natural hair. Which can then be washed while worn etc. These would need refitting every 4-6 weeks.

We recommend using with clips to begin with as can feel a little overwhelming for ladies to all of a sudden gain hair. So this is a great introduction method to hair loss systems.

Hair loss – wigs  

Completely bespoke service making wigs from scratch, Colours sizes and lengths can be chosen.

Made with 100% human hair.

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