Hair Extensions Aftercare Guide

When you get hair extensions you need to care for them to get the best out of your new hair. Your stylist will go through this with you and anything specific that you may need to do.

This is our basic hair extensions aftercare guide and can differ depending on method and brand of hair you are wearing.


Our consultations are very thorough, we will go over your lifestyle, medical history, hair history and check your hair and scalp. Please be honest with your answers. All prices will be given and approx maintenance costs.

We will also discuss methods, and colour match your hair, if your are wanting a colour change we can discus this and how we can achieve the look you are wanting.


Hair extensions are no longer living so require some extra care to your natural hair that is still receiving nutrients from your scalp. With this in mind we only recommend products specifically made for hair extensions.

The salon has our own brand of luxury aftercare products that we have tried and tested for 9 years so we know these work well with the hair and the attachments, keeping them in the best condition for the longest time.

You may also use branded aftercare products depending on the hair you are wearing, the brand may do their own ie. Remi cachet do. Their own brand so we also recommend this if you would prefer.

We would never recommend ANY high street bought products.

If using any products not recommend by the salon will void any guarantee or warranty on the hair and the salon offers no liability in the event of the wrong products being used.


Your hair extensions will need detangling twice a day. We recommend the salons anti tangle hair extensions brush. This brush will effortlessly de tangle your hair without snagging on the attachment area.

While brushing start from the bottom of your hair and work your way up holding the hair to relieve tension from the root so that you do not ‘pull’ on the attachments. Once the lengths are brushed then brush over the root area and the top to keep it Matt free.


For bedtime follow the guide for brushing and put your hair in a plait or a loose low ponytail this keeps your hair smooth and helps prevent knots. This will also create a lovely loose wave for the next day. DON’T ever go to bed with wet hair.


We recommend washing twice a week, using the aftercare products recommend above. Make sure it’s brushed through before washing.

Completely wet your hair so that it is well saturated and apply your shampoo, a 50p sized amount is plenty, start by working this into your scalp, in downward motions, do not go in circles as this can cause matting. Rinse and repeat – the extensions lengths only need a rinse over as they don’t product oils. Always shampoo your hair twice this is to make sure it’s clean and any grease and product buildup is removed. Then apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends, DO NOT APPLY CONDITIONER to your root area or near the attachments this can cause them to slip, fall out or break down. Leave your conditioner on for 5 minutes and then rinse well.

Make sure all product is rinsed well. If shampoo is not completely rinsed this can cause some itching occasionally. Once you have completely rinsed your hair gently squeeze out any excess water and towel dry. DO NOT tip your head upside down always keep your hair in its upright position and wrap a towel around it.

Drying and Styling

We cannot stress this part enough! ALWAYS BLOW DRY YOUR HAIR THOROUGHLY do not let it dry naturally or go to bed with wet/damp hair this will cause severe matting and damage your natural hair. Your hair is in its most vulnerable state when wet.

Before blow drying always use a suitable heat protection spray. You can use styling tools on your hair extensions, just be wary of temperatures and using heat defence, heat tools can cause them to dry out over time.

Separating Your Bonds/Mini Tips/Ultra Tips

Individual extensions do require you to regularly separate them to stop them matting together, gently run your fingers through your hair and make sure each extension is separated from the next one. If they are stuck together you can gently pull these apart. I find doing this whilst watching tv in the evening works well. If you feel like you are getting any matting contact us so we can get you in to make sure it’s ok and deal with it before it gets bad.

Severe matting can damage your natural hair.


Colouring your hair with extensions in – this is a big no-no whilst you are wearing extensions colours must be done on maintenance appointments when they have Been removed. If you colour over the attachments, this causes the shed hair that sits in the attachment to very tightly knit together getting so tight it can cause it to effectively strangle the natural hair it’s attached too causing lots of breakage when it’s removed.

If you suffer with a lot of grey and like to do this very regularly talk to your stylist who can go over your options. 


Extensions’s can be worn on holiday but extra care needs to taken and a few things taken into consideration.

You must keep them dry and out of the pool or sea water, chlorine and the salt have adverse effects on the hair. Which can lead to colour fade, dryness and change in colour.

Also the filtration systems in hotels can have a lot of added minerals compared to in the uk. These minerals then have a chemical reaction causing the extensions to turn pinky/orange.

This tone cannot be coloured over or removed with blue/silver shampoo.

The salon takes no liability if you choose to go on holiday with extensions and they change colour.

This can be removed with a simple and effective treatment using lemon juice to remove the minerals from the hair.

Sunbeds, Saunas, Steam rooms and Swimming

For Sunbed’s saunas and steam rooms we recommend covering your hair with a towel,turban or silk scarf.

Swimming – keep your hair dry. Wear a swimming cap if possible. If it does get wet wash immediately after and condition well. But remember chlorine can dry them out and cause colours to fade. No liability will be taken by the salon In the event this happens from swimming.


You can wear your hair in a pony tail or plait.

If you get a bit sweaty after your workout dry off your roots with a hair dryer so that it isn’t sat damp.


Always have your extensions professionally removed please don’t attempt to remove them yourself.


Maintenance will vary a lot depending on method, lifestyle, hair type etc. Generally from 6-12 weeks.

Some salons will do a ‘push up’ service WE DO NOT

On maintenance all hair extensions are removed, your natural hair shed from wearing is combed out. Our hair naturally sheds hairs every day you will usually see this in your brush or plug after washing. We can shed anything from 50-300 hairs a day! So when wearing extensions this has no where to go so this sits in the attachment and needs combing out on removal, sometimes this can look a lot but is completely normal. During wear you may notice white dots near the attachments especially in darker hair this is your naturally shed hair.

After this is removed we will then wash and blow dry your hair, we believe this is good for scalp! We then trim your natural hair and then refit your hair extensions with fresh rings.

By doing this we can keep a close eye on your natural hair and scalp health.